Building Data Analytics Solutions Using Amazon Redshift

Duration : 1 Day (8 Hours)

Building Data Analytics Solutions Using Amazon Redshift Course Overview:

In this Building Data Analytics Solutions Using Amazon Redshift course, you will build a data analytics solution using Amazon Redshift, a cloud data warehouse service. The course focuses on the data collection, ingestion, cataloging, storage, and processing components of the analytics pipeline. You will learn to integrate Amazon Redshift with a data lake to support both analytics and machine learning workloads. You will also learn to apply security, performance,
and cost management best practices to the operation of Amazon Redshift.

Course level: Intermediate

Intended audience:

This course is intended for data warehouse engineers, data platform engineers, and architects and operators who build and manage data analytics pipelines.

Module A: Overview of Data Analytics and the Data Pipeline
  • Data analytics use cases
  • Using the data pipeline for analytics
  • Why Amazon Redshift for data warehousing?
  • Overview of Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon Redshift architecture
  • Interactive Demo 1: Touring the Amazon Redshift console
  • Amazon Redshift features
  • Practice Lab 1: Load and query data in an Amazon Redshift cluster
  • Ingestion
  • Interactive Demo 2: Connecting your Amazon Redshift cluster using a Jupyter notebook with
    Data API
  • Data distribution and storage
  • Interactive Demo 3: Analyzing semi-structured data using the SUPER data type
  • Querying data in Amazon Redshift
  • Practice Lab 2: Data analytics using Amazon Redshift Spectrum
  • Data transformation
  • Advanced querying
  • Practice Lab 3: Data transformation and querying in Amazon Redshift
  • Resource management
  • Interactive Demo 4: Applying mixed workload management on Amazon Redshift
  • Automation and optimization
  • Interactive demo 5: Amazon Redshift cluster resizing from the dc2.large to ra3.xlplus cluster
  • Securing the Amazon Redshift cluster
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting Amazon Redshift clusters
  • Data warehouse use case review
  • Activity: Designing a data warehouse analytics workflow

Modern data architectures

Course Prerequisites:

Q: What is Building Data Analytics Solutions Using Amazon Redshift training?

A: This training is a comprehensive program designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to design and build robust data analytics solutions using Amazon Redshift. It covers various aspects of data warehousing, data modeling, data loading, query optimization, and analytics using Amazon Redshift, a powerful and scalable cloud-based data warehouse service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

A: This training is suitable for data engineers, data analysts, data architects, and IT professionals who want to leverage Amazon Redshift for building scalable and high-performance data analytics solutions. It is beneficial for those involved in data warehousing, data modeling, and performing complex analytics queries on large datasets.

A: The training covers a range of topics, including Amazon Redshift architecture, data modeling and schema design, data loading strategies, query optimization techniques, managing and monitoring Amazon Redshift clusters, integrating with other AWS services, and best practices for building efficient data analytics solutions using Amazon Redshift.

A: While there are no strict prerequisites, having a basic understanding of data concepts, SQL, and data warehousing principles will be helpful in understanding the content effectively. Familiarity with AWS services and database concepts is also beneficial.

A: To prepare for the training, it is recommended to have a good understanding of data warehousing concepts, SQL queries, and data modeling principles. Familiarizing yourself with Amazon Redshift documentation, SQL optimization techniques, and AWS services related to data analytics can also enhance your preparation.

A: To register for the training, click Enroll Now, we will provide you with information on available training schedules, formats (in-person or online), and enrollment procedures.

A: Yes, we offer online training options for Building Data Analytics Solutions Using Amazon Redshift to provide flexibility for learners.

A: While Building Data Analytics Solutions Using Amazon Redshift training provides valuable knowledge and skills in building data analytics solutions, it does not directly prepare you for specific AWS certifications. However, it lays a solid foundation for pursuing advanced certifications related to data analytics or AWS architecture.

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