DP-600T00: Microsoft Fabric Analytics Engineer

  • Duration: 4 Days (32 Hours)
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DP-600T00: Microsoft Fabric Analytics Engineer Course Overview

DP-600T00 empowers you to build & manage enterprise data analytics with Microsoft Fabric. Master lakehouses, pipelines, & data warehouses, craft compelling reports with Power BI, & gain hands-on experience. Perfect for data pros seeking Fabric expertise & career advancement – enroll now & become a data rockstar!

Intended Audience

  • Data Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Architects
  • Business Intelligence Developers
  • Cloud Solution Architects
  • IT Managers and Decision Makers
  • Software Developers
  • Database Administrators
  • Anyone interested in learning about implementing and managing data analytics solutions with Microsoft Fabric.

Learning Objectives of DP-600T00: Microsoft Fabric Analytics Engineer

  • Understanding the concepts and principles of Microsoft Fabric Analytics.
  • Learning how to design, implement, and manage analytics solutions using Microsoft Fabric.
  • Exploring the features and capabilities of Microsoft Fabric Analytics for data processing and analysis.
  • Understanding how to integrate Microsoft Fabric Analytics with other Azure services and data sources.
  • Learning best practices for deploying and scaling analytics solutions in Microsoft Fabric.
  • Gaining proficiency in using Microsoft Fabric Analytics tools and technologies for real-time and batch data processing.
  • Developing skills in data visualization and reporting using Microsoft Fabric Analytics.
  • Understanding security and compliance considerations for Microsoft Fabric Analytics solutions.
  • Exploring advanced topics such as machine learning and AI integration with Microsoft Fabric Analytics.
  • Practicing hands-on exercises and scenarios to reinforce learning objectives and develop practical skills in Microsoft Fabric Analytics engineering.
Ingest Data with Dataflows Gen2 in Microsoft Fabric
  • Describe Dataflow capabilities in Microsoft Fabric
  • Create Dataflow solutions to ingest and transform data
  • Include a Dataflow in a pipeline
  • Ingest external data to Fabric lakehouses using Spark
  • Configure external source authentication and optimization
  • Load data into lakehouse as files or as Delta tables
  • Describe pipeline capabilities in Microsoft Fabric
  • Use the Copy Data activity in a pipeline
  • Create pipelines based on predefined templates
  • Run and monitor pipelines
  • Describe core features and capabilities of lakehouses in Microsoft Fabric
  • Create a lakehouse
  • Ingest data into files and tables in a lakehouse
  • Query lakehouse tables with SQL
  • Describe the principles of using the medallion architecture in data management.
  • Apply the medallion architecture framework within the Microsoft Fabric environment.
  • Analyze data stored in the lakehouse using DirectLake in Power BI.
  • Describe best practices for ensuring the security and governance of data stored in the medallion architecture.
  • Configure Spark in a Microsoft Fabric workspace
  • Identify suitable scenarios for Spark notebooks and Spark jobs
  • Use Spark dataframes to analyze and transform data
  • Use Spark SQL to query data in tables and views
  • Visualize data in a Spark notebook
  • Understand Delta Lake and delta tables in Microsoft Fabric
  • Create and manage delta tables using Spark
  • Use Spark to query and transform data in delta tables
  • Use delta tables with Spark structured streaming
  • Describe data warehouses in Fabric
  • Understand a data warehouse vs a data Lakehouse
  • Work with data warehouses in Fabric
  • Create and manage fact tables and dimensions within a data warehouse
  • Learn different strategies to load data into a data warehouse in Microsoft Fabric.
  • Learn how to build a data pipeline to load a warehouse in Microsoft Fabric.
  • Learn how to load data in a warehouse using T-SQL.
  • Learn how to load and transform data with dataflow (Gen 2).
  • Use SQL query editor to query a data warehouse.
  • Explore how visual query editor works.
  • Learn how to connect and query a data warehouse using SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Monitor capacity unit usage with the Microsoft Fabric Capacity Metrics app.
  • Monitor current activity in the data warehouse with dynamic management views.
  • Monitor querying trends with query insights views.
  • Describe the importance of building scalable data models
  • Implement Power BI data modeling best practices
  • Use the Power BI large dataset storage format
  • Understand how model relationship work.
  • Set up relationships.
  • Use DAX relationship functions.
  • Understand relationship evaluation.
  • Optimize queries using performance analyzer.
  • Troubleshoot DAX performance using DAX Studio.
  • Optimize a data model using Tabular Editor.
  • Restrict access to Power BI model data with RLS.
  • Restrict access to Power BI model objects with OLS.
  • Apply good development practices to enforce Power BI model security.

DP-600T00: Microsoft Fabric Analytics Engineer Course Prerequisites

  • Strong data analysis & transformation knowledge
  • Experience with data modeling & warehousing techniques
  • Proficiency in SQL & data manipulation languages (T-SQL, DAX, Python)
  • Familiarity with cloud computing & Azure services
  • (Optional but helpful) experience with Azure Data Lake Storage, Data Factory, Synapse Analytics
  • Understanding of cloud data security & access control best practices

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