Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

CISSP-ISSMP Course Overview:

(ISC)² offers additional certifications known as CISSP concentrations, which complement the CISSP Certification by allowing CISSPs to further specialize in specific areas. These concentrations are optional and intended for CISSPs seeking to enhance their expertise in particular domains. The CISSP Concentrations acknowledge and recognize individuals for their advanced knowledge in information security architecture, engineering, or management.

The CISSP-ISSMP (Information Systems Security Management Professional) certification focuses on cybersecurity management. It demonstrates a candidate’s proficiency in establishing, implementing, and overseeing information security programs. Additionally, it highlights their strong leadership and management skills, especially in the context of incident handling and breach response teams. CISSP-ISSMP certified professionals excel in managing cybersecurity efforts effectively, making them valuable assets in organizations’ cybersecurity management and leadership roles.

Intended Audience:

The CISSP-ISSMP course is intended for experienced cybersecurity professionals who have already achieved the CISSP certification and want to specialize in information security management and leadership. It is ideal for security managers, security consultants, risk managers, and other professionals responsible for managing information security programs within their organizations.

Learning Objectives of CISSP-ISSMP:

  1. Cybersecurity Leadership: The CISSP-ISSMP course emphasizes the development of strong leadership and management skills required to effectively lead information security programs within organizations.
  2. Security Program Management: Participants will gain insights into establishing and managing comprehensive information security programs, aligning them with organizational objectives and best practices.
  3. Incident Handling and Breach Response: The course covers incident handling procedures and breach response management, preparing candidates to lead effective and timely responses to cybersecurity incidents.
  4. Security Governance and Compliance: Participants will learn about security governance, risk management, and compliance frameworks, ensuring that security programs adhere to industry standards and legal requirements.
  5. Risk Management and Business Continuity: CISSP-ISSMP covers risk management strategies, including risk assessment, mitigation, and business continuity planning to protect critical assets and operations.
  6. Personnel and Team Management: The course focuses on effective personnel management, team building, and motivation, ensuring a strong cybersecurity workforce and a positive security culture within the organization.
  7. Security Metrics and Reporting: Participants will understand the importance of security metrics and reporting to measure the effectiveness of security programs and communicate with stakeholders.
 Leadership and Business Management.
  • Security’s Role in the Organization’s Culture, Vision, and Mission
  • Organizational Governance
  • Information Security Strategies
  • Data Classification
  • Security Policy Framework
  • Security Requirements in Contracts and Agreements
  • New Business Initiatives and Security Architecture
  • Vulnerability Management Programs
  • Organizational Security Policies and Procedures
  • Compliance Framework Exceptions
  • Internal and External Audit Process
  • Contingency Plans
  • Recovery Strategies
  • BCP and DRP plans
  • Information security laws
  • Security incident management process

CISSP-ISSMP Course Prerequisites:

  • To enroll in the CISSP-ISSMP course, participants must have a valid CISSP certification, which serves as a prerequisite for this advanced cybersecurity management certification.

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