Deploying Juniper Security in AWS and Azure

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Deploying Juniper Security in AWS and Azure Training Course Overview

In this comprehensive four-day course, participants will acquire the expertise needed to implement Juniper Networks vSRX in both AWS and Azure environments. The curriculum, delivered through demonstrations and hands-on labs, covers a thorough understanding of both manual and automated deployment methods for the vSRX in multicloud scenarios. The course incorporates various releases of the vSRX, along with Junos Space, Security Director, Policy Enforcer, and Juniper ATP Cloud tools. It is aligned with Junos OS Release 22.3 and Junos Space Release 22.3, providing participants with up-to-date and practical insights into deploying and managing vSRX solutions across diverse cloud environments.

Intended Audience For Deploying Juniper Security in AWS and Azure Training

  • Network Security Professionals
  • Cloud Architects
  • Cloud Security Engineers
  • Network Engineers and Administrators
  • IT Professionals involved in cloud security deployment and management
  • System Integrators working with Juniper security solutions in cloud environments
  • Individuals responsible for designing, implementing, or managing security policies in AWS and Azure
  • Networking and security professionals seeking to enhance their skills in deploying Juniper security solutions in multicloud environments.

Learning objectives for the Deploying Juniper Security in AWS and Azure training course

  • Describe major cloud concepts.
  • Describe the AWS Cloud architecture and deploy an EC2 instance.
  • Deploy a vSRX instance in AWS.
  • Deploy vSRX instances using AWS CloudFormation.
  • Describe and configure cloud connectivity using IPsec tunnel.
  • Implement AWS transit gateway.
  • Deploy Juniper Connected Security.
  • Describe the Microsoft Azure Cloud architecture and services.
  • Deploy a vSRX instance in Microsoft Azure.
  • Automate vSRX deployments using Microsoft Azure Resource Manager
  • Deploy multicloud vSRX instances using Terraform.
  • Describe AWS and Azure Cloud security services.

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Benefits of taking the Deploying Juniper Security in AWS and Azure training

  • Cloud Security Expertise: Gain specialized knowledge in deploying Juniper security solutions specifically tailored for cloud environments, such as AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Azure (Microsoft Azure).
  • Hands-On Deployment Skills: Acquire practical, hands-on experience in deploying Juniper security solutions within the AWS and Azure cloud platforms, ensuring you can implement security measures effectively.
  • Integration with Cloud Services: Learn how to seamlessly integrate Juniper security features with the unique services and features provided by major cloud platforms, enhancing security in cloud-native applications.
  • Understanding Cloud Networking: Develop a deep understanding of cloud networking principles and how Juniper security solutions can be optimized for cloud-based architectures.
  • Compliance and Governance: Explore security best practices, compliance requirements, and governance considerations specific to AWS and Azure, ensuring that your deployments align with industry standards and regulations.
  • Multi-Cloud Security Strategies: Understand strategies for deploying Juniper security across multi-cloud environments, enabling you to create consistent and secure networking across diverse cloud platforms.
  • Resource Protection: Learn techniques for protecting cloud-based resources, including virtual machines, networks, and data storage, using Juniper security features and policies.
  • Network Visibility and Monitoring: Gain insights into network visibility and monitoring tools within AWS and Azure, and understand how Juniper security solutions contribute to these aspects.
  • Threat Detection and Mitigation: Enhance your skills in detecting and mitigating security threats in cloud environments, leveraging Juniper’s security capabilities for rapid threat response.
  • Scalability and Elasticity: Explore how Juniper security solutions can scale seamlessly in response to dynamic changes in cloud workloads, ensuring security elasticity.
  • Cost Optimization: Learn strategies for optimizing security costs in cloud deployments, taking advantage of Juniper’s efficient and cost-effective security features.
  • Hybrid Cloud Security: Understand how to deploy Juniper security solutions in hybrid cloud scenarios, where on-premises and cloud-based resources are integrated.
  • Professional Growth: Stay relevant in the evolving field of cloud security, and enhance your professional growth by acquiring skills aligned with the latest industry trends.
  • Preparation for Certifications: If applicable, the training may prepare you for certifications related to Juniper security and cloud environments, enhancing your professional credentials.

Deploying Juniper Security in AWS and Azure Training Course Modules

Module 1: Course Introduction 1.1 Overview and Objectives

Module 2: Cloud Overview 2.1 Cloud Fundamentals 2.2 Cloud Virtualization 2.3 Cloud Security

Module 3: Introduction to AWS 3.1 AWS Architecture Overview 3.2 Accessing AWS Management Console 3.3 Launching AWS EC2 Instances 3.4 Navigating AWS Marketplace 3.5 Lab: Introduction to AWS

Module 4: Implementing vSRX in AWS 4.1 AWS vSRX Instance Operation 4.2 Launching AWS vSRX Instances 4.3 Configuring AWS vSRX Instances 4.4 Lab 2: Implementing vSRX in AWS

Module 5: AWS CloudFormation 5.1 AWS CloudFormation Overview 5.2 CloudFormation Templates 5.3 JSON and YAML Fundamentals 5.4 Deploying vSRX with CloudFormation Template 5.5 Lab 3: CloudFormation

Module 6: Cloud Connectivity Using IPsec Tunnel 6.1 Cloud Connectivity Options 6.2 IPsec Tunnel Establishment 6.3 Configuring IPsec Tunnels with SRX Devices 6.4 Lab 4: Cloud Connectivity

Module 7: AWX Transit Gateway 7.1 AWS Transit Gateway 7.2 Inter-VPC Firewall Use Cases 7.3 Deploying AWS Transit Gateway with vSRX 7.4 Lab 5: AWX Transit Gateway

Module 8: Advanced Cloud Security 8.1 Juniper Connected Security Overview 8.2 Configuring AWS Components for Connected Security 8.3 Implementing Connected Security with Advanced Threat Prevention 8.4 Lab 6: Advanced Cloud Security

Module 9: Introduction to Microsoft Azure 9.1 Microsoft Azure Services 9.2 Microsoft Azure Architecture 9.3 Navigating Microsoft Azure Portal 9.4 Locating Juniper Products in Azure Marketplace 9.5 Launching a Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine 9.6 Lab 7: Introduction to Microsoft Azure

Module 10: Implementing vSRX in Microsoft Azure 10.1 Preluanch Considerations for Azure vSRX Instances 10.2 Launching Microsoft Azure vSRX Instances 10.3 Configuring vSRX for Microsoft Azure 10.4 Lab 8: Implementing vSRX in Microsoft Azure

Module 11: Microsoft Azure Resource Manager 11.1 Azure Resource Manager Capabilities 11.2 ARM Templates 11.3 Creating ARM Templates 11.4 Deploying vSRX with ARM Template 11.5 Lab 9: Microsoft Azure Resource Manager

Module 12: Terraform 12.1 Multicloud Complexity 12.2 Terraform Concepts 12.3 Managing Multicloud Infrastructure with Terraform 12.4 Lab 10: Terraform

Module 13: Public Cloud Services 13.1 Load Balancing and Auto Scaling Overview 13.2 Configuring AWS Load Balancer and Auto Scaling for vSRX 13.3 Key Management Service in AWS and Azure 13.4 AWS Alert and Monitoring Service Description

Deploying Juniper Security in AWS and Azure Training Course Prerequisites

  • Basic TCP/IP skills
  • Basic understanding of the Junos operating system
  • Basic understanding of the SRX Series device and its range of security features

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