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DiffServ-Aware Traffic Engineering Workshop Training Course Overview

In this one-day course, participants will delve into the fundamentals of the traffic engineering database with a specific focus on DiffServ-Aware TE (Traffic Engineering). The curriculum comprehensively explores the objectives and applications of DiffServ-Aware TE, guiding participants through the setup and configuration of DiffServ-Aware TE Label Switched Paths (LSPs). The course also equips participants with troubleshooting skills, addressing potential issues associated with DiffServ-Aware TE LSPs. Through a concise and targeted approach, participants will gain a solid understanding of DiffServ-Aware TE and its practical implementation, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of this aspect of network traffic engineering.

Intended Audience For DiffServ-Aware Traffic Engineering Workshop Training

  • Network Engineers and Architects
  • Telecommunications Professionals
  • Service Provider Technicians
  • System Integrators working with traffic engineering solutions
  • IT Professionals involved in network optimization and quality of service (QoS)
  • Individuals responsible for designing, implementing, or troubleshooting DiffServ-Aware Traffic Engineering in networks
  • Networking professionals seeking to enhance their understanding and skills in traffic engineering and DiffServ technologies.

Learning objectives for the DiffServ-Aware Traffic Engineering Workshop training course

  • Describe the path selection process of RSVP LSPs signaled without the use of
    Constrained Shortest Path First (CSPF).
  • Describe the IGP extensions needed to build and maintain the Traffic Engineering
    Database (TED).
  • Explain how the CSPF algorithm selects the best path based on provided
  • Explain how administrative groups can be used to influence path selection.
  • Explain the behavior of inter-area traffic engineered LSPs.
  • Describe the purpose, features, and operations of DiffServ-Aware TE.
  • Explain the differences between DiffServ-Aware TE LSPs and standard LSPs.
  • Explain the purpose of class types and TE classes.
  • Describe the MAM and Russian doll bandwidth constraint models.
  • Explain the purpose of multiclass DiffServ-Aware TE LSPs.
  • Explain DiffServ-Aware TE LSP oversubscription.
  • Describe how to configure DiffServ-Aware TE LSPs.
  • Explain how to forward traffic into DiffServ-Aware TE LSPs.
  • Explain how to provide traffic protection for DiffServ-Aware TE LSPs.
  • Describe how to configure automatic bandwidth adjustments for DiffServ-Aware TE
  • Explain how to verify and monitor DiffServ-Aware TE LSPs.
  • Describe DiffServ-Aware LSP troubleshooting.
  • Explain how to troubleshoot CSFP issues.
  • Explain how to troubleshoot DiffServ-Aware TE issues.
  • Explain how to troubleshoot CoS for existing DiffServ-Aware LSPs.

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Benefits of taking the DiffServ-Aware Traffic Engineering Workshop training

  • Understanding DiffServ-Aware Traffic Engineering (TE): Gain comprehensive knowledge of DiffServ-Aware Traffic Engineering, a technology designed to enhance Quality of Service (QoS) in IP networks.
  • Configuration Skills: Acquire hands-on experience in setting up and configuring DiffServ-Aware TE, enabling you to implement traffic engineering solutions in real-world scenarios.
  • Optimized Network Resource Utilization: Learn techniques to optimize network resource utilization by intelligently routing and prioritizing traffic based on Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) values.
  • Quality of Service Enhancement: Explore how DiffServ-Aware TE contributes to improved QoS by providing better control over traffic flows and allowing for differentiated treatment of various types of network traffic.
  • Traffic Engineering Best Practices: Understand best practices for deploying traffic engineering solutions within a Differentiated Services (DiffServ) architecture, ensuring efficient and reliable network performance.
  • Troubleshooting Skills: Develop the skills needed to troubleshoot and resolve issues related to DiffServ-Aware TE implementations, enhancing your ability to maintain a robust and resilient network.
  • Hands-On Labs: Engage in practical, hands-on labs that simulate real-world scenarios, providing a platform to reinforce theoretical concepts and gain practical experience.
  • Network Optimization: Learn how to optimize network paths and bandwidth allocation dynamically, responding to changing traffic patterns and network conditions.
  • Scalability Considerations: Explore scalability considerations when implementing DiffServ-Aware TE, ensuring that the solution can effectively scale to meet the demands of growing network traffic.
  • End-to-End QoS: Understand how DiffServ-Aware TE contributes to achieving end-to-end QoS objectives, aligning network resources with the specific requirements of different applications and services.
  • Efficient Multimedia Traffic Handling: Learn techniques for efficiently handling multimedia traffic, such as voice and video, through the application of DiffServ-Aware Traffic Engineering principles.
  • Preparation for Network Engineering Roles: Acquire skills that are valuable for network engineering roles, particularly those focused on optimizing traffic flow and ensuring QoS in complex network environments.
  • Keeping Pace with Industry Trends: Stay updated with industry trends related to traffic engineering and QoS, ensuring that your skills remain relevant in the ever-evolving field of networking.
  • Enhanced Problem-Solving: Develop problem-solving skills related to traffic engineering challenges, empowering you to address issues and optimize network performance effectively.
  • Professional Development: Enhance your professional development by gaining expertise in a specialized area of networking, making you a valuable asset to organizations seeking skilled network engineers.

DiffServ-Aware Traffic Engineering Workshop Training Course Modules

Module 1: Course Introduction 1.1 Overview and Objectives

Module 2: Basic Operations of MPLS Traffic Engineering 2.1 RSVP Behavior Without CSPF 2.2 CSPF Algorithm 2.3 CSPF Tie Breaking 2.4 Administrative Groups 2.5 Inter-Area Traffic Engineered LSPs 2.6 Path Computation Element Protocol 2.7 Corouted Bidirectional LSPs 2.8 Proactive Loss and Delay Measurements Over Associated Bidirectional LSPs 2.9 Lab 1: MPLS Traffic Engineering

Module 3: DiffServ-Aware TE Theory 3.1 DiffServ-Aware TE Overview 3.2 Class Types and TE Classes 3.3 Bandwidth Constraints 3.4 P2MP LSPs and DiffServ-Aware TE 3.5 Traffic Protection and DiffServ-Aware TE

Module 4: DiffServ-Aware TE Implementation 4.1 Configuring DiffServ-Aware TE 4.2 Verifying and Monitoring DiffServ-Aware TE LSPs 4.3 Multiclass DiffServ-Aware TE LSPs 4.4 DiffServ-Aware TE Case Study 4.5 Lab 2: Implementing DiffServ-Aware TE LSPs

Module 5: Troubleshooting DiffServ-Aware LSPs 5.1 DiffServ-Aware LSP Troubleshooting Overview 5.2 Troubleshooting CSPF-based LSPs 5.3 Troubleshooting DiffServ-Aware LSP Setup 5.4 Troubleshooting CoS for Existing DiffServ-Aware LSPs 5.5 Lab 3: Troubleshooting DiffServ-Aware LSPs

DiffServ-Aware Traffic Engineering Workshop Training Course Prerequisites

  • A strong level of TCP/IP networking knowledge.
  • Attend the Junos MPLS Fundamentals (JMF) course prior to attending this class.

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