LPI BSD Specialist v1.0

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

LPI BSD Specialist v1.0 Course Overview:

The LPI BSD Specialist v1.0 certification is a professional credential that demonstrates specialized knowledge and proficiency in the BSD operating system, covering administration, networking, security, and shell scripting. Created by the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), this certification is sought after by IT professionals specializing in open-source solutions. Industries value this certification as it validates a candidate’s skills, providing a competitive edge and ensuring their expertise in BSD-based infrastructure. Obtaining this certification showcases technical competency and a commitment to personal development and continuous learning in the rapidly evolving field of open-source technologies.

Intended Audience:

  • IT professionals with experience in BSD operating systems and open-source solutions.
  • System administrators and network administrators working with BSD-based infrastructure.
  • IT specialists seeking to demonstrate specialized knowledge in BSD administration, networking, security, and shell scripting.

Learning Objectives of LPI BSD Specialist v1.0:

Upon earning the LPI BSD Specialist v1.0 certification, candidates will:

  1. Demonstrate in-depth knowledge and proficiency in BSD operating systems.
  2. Showcase expertise in administering BSD-based infrastructure.
  3. Understand advanced networking concepts and implementation in BSD environments.
  4. Implement robust security measures and best practices in BSD systems.
  5. Develop shell scripting skills for automating tasks in BSD environments.

Module 1: BSD Installation and Software Management

  • BSD Operating System Installation
  • BSD Software and Package Management
  • BSD System Startup Configuration
  • Hardware Configuration
  • BSD Kernel Parameters and System Security Level

Module 2: Storage Devices and BSD Filesystems

  • BSD Partitioning and Disk Labels
  • Create File Systems and Maintain their Integrity
  • Control Mounting and Unmounting of File Systems
  • Manage File Permissions and Ownership
  • Create and Change Hard and Symbolic Links
  • Find Files and BSD Directory Layout

Module 3: Basic BSD System Administration

  • Manage User Accounts and Groups
  • Automate System Administration Tasks by Scheduling Jobs
  • Maintain System Time
  • System Logging
  • Mail Transfer Agents (MTA) Basics
  • Manage Printing and Print Jobs
  • Manage User Sessions

Module 4: Basic BSD Network Administration

  • Fundamentals of Internet Protocols
  • Basic network configuration
  • Basic network troubleshooting
  • Configure Client Side DNS

Module 5: Basic Unix Skills

  • Use the Shell and Work on the Command Line
  • Perform basic file management
  • Create, Monitor and Kill Processes
  • Use Simple Regular Expressions
  • Perform basic file editing operations
  • Customize or write simple scripts

LPI BSD Specialist v1.0 Course Prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of BSD operating systems and open-source technologies.
  • Familiarity with system administration and networking concepts.
  • Experience in working with BSD-based infrastructure is beneficial.
  • A passion for open-source technologies and a desire to excel in BSD administration are essential for success in this certification.

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