Malware and Memory Forensics

Duration : 1 Days (8 Hours)

Malware and Memory Forensics Course Overview:

The Malware and Memory Forensics certification focuses on examining infected systems to understand the nature, function, and impact of malicious software, as well as retrieving crucial data post-incident. This certification showcases an individual’s competence in responding to security incidents, cyber threats, and intrusions. Certified professionals are utilized by industries to safeguard network systems and sensitive data from potential breaches and efficiently recover from incidents to minimize damage. The techniques learned in this certification are often deployed in digital forensics, incident response, and threat hunting activities, contributing to organizations’ cyber hygiene maintenance.

Intended Audience:

• Cybersecurity professionals
• IT administrators
• Forensic investigators
• Incident response teams
• Penetration testers
• Network security engineers
• Security consultants
• Software developers
• Computer science students
• Legal professionals dealing with cybercrime cases

Learning Objectives of Malware and Memory Forensics :

  • Develop a deep understanding of how malware operates and its various characteristics.
  • Gain knowledge of techniques for detecting unusual or illicit activities caused by malware.
  • Learn methods for isolating and identifying malware in a system, including reverse engineering and behavioral analysis.
  • Understand memory forensics techniques to track and analyze malicious activities in computer memory.
  • Acquire proficiency in using specialized tools and methodologies to uncover, investigate, and neutralize potential threats in a computer system.
 Module 1: Types of Analysis
  • Swap space analysis
  • Memory Analysis
  • Data acquisition as per RFC 3227
  • Current processes
  • Memory mapped files
  • Caches
  • Open Ports
  • Data structures
  • Windows Objects
  • Processes
  • Handles
  • Pool-tag scanning
  • %SystemDrive%/hiberfil.sys
  • Page/Swap File
  • Using volatility
  • Dumpit.exe
  • hibr2bin
  • Win32dd
  • Win64dd
  • OSForensics
  • Using volatility
  • Dumpit.exe
  • hibr2bin
  • Win32dd
  • Win64dd
  • OSForensics

Malware and Memory Forensics Course Prerequisites:

• Basic knowledge of information security
• Familiarity with forensic science concepts
• Understanding of computer networks
• Familiarity with operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac
• Knowledge of programming languages such as Python or C++
• Grund understanding of malware analysis
• Basic computer hardware knowledge.

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