ONTAP SAN Administration

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

ONTAP SAN Administration Course Overview:

The ONTAP SAN Administration certification is a highly regarded credential within the IT industry, affirming an individual’s expertise in effectively managing and deploying SAN environments utilizing the ONTAP operating system. This certification validates an individual’s proficiency in implementing ONTAP SAN, designing Flexgroup solutions, and efficiently managing ONTAP clusters. Industries rely on this certification as a standard to recruit professionals who excel in optimizing storage performance through the use of NetApp technology. Certified professionals possess the skills to manage extensive data sets and demonstrate in-depth knowledge of storage architectures, storage systems, network configurations, and various aspects of ONTAP SAN solutions.

Intended Audience:

  • IT professionals managing SAN storage solutions.
  • System Administrators for data centers.
  • Data storage management teams.
  • Technical support engineers handling SAN systems.
  • Infrastructure managers overseeing SAN environments.
  • IT students specializing in data storage.
  • Data analysts dealing with SAN systems.
  • Certified NetApp professionals upgrading skills.
  • Data scientists/engineers managing enterprise-level storage systems.
  • Enterprise architects planning and designing SAN systems.

Learning Objectives of ONTAP SAN Administration:

The ONTAP SAN Administration course is designed to achieve the following learning objectives:

  1. Protocol Differentiation: Gain the ability to distinguish between various SAN protocols.
  2. Configuration Interpretation: Interpret SAN host and storage configurations effectively.
  3. SAN Solution Design: Learn to design an ONTAP SAN solution based on specific requirements.
  4. Troubleshooting Skills: Acquire basic troubleshooting skills for SAN-related issues.
  5. ONTAP Architecture: Understand the architecture and functionality of the ONTAP operating system relevant to SAN deployment.
  6. SAN Settings: Explore key factors involved in SAN settings and configurations.
  7. Integration Proficiency: Learn to integrate SAN solutions with Windows, UNIX, and Linux environments.
  8. Supported Deployment: Understand supported SAN deployment methods and strategies for data protection.
  9. ONTAP Tools: Become proficient in using the ONTAP command-line interface and System Manager software for SAN configuration and administration.

These objectives are designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively implement and manage SAN solutions using NetApp storage systems.

Module 1: ONTAP SAN Fundamentals

  • Introduction to SAN architecture
  • Implementing iSCSI, FC, and FCoE SAN in ONTAP
  • Utilizing the Interoperability Matrix Tool
  • Understanding SAN scalability and maximums

Module 2: ONTAP SAN Resource Provisioning

  • Configuring IP SAN configurations
  • Setting up FC SAN configurations
  • LUN provisioning in SAN environments

Module 3: SAN Host Integration

  • Host utilities for various operating systems:
    • AIX
    • ESX
    • HPE UX
    • Linux
    • MS Windows
  • Considerations for zoning
  • Configuration with Cisco switches
  • Configuration with Brocade switches

Module 4: ONTAP iSCSI Administration

  • iSCSI SVM creation workflow
  • Recommended guidelines for iSCSI, FC, and FCoE
  • Exploring iSCSI features

Module 5: ONTAP FC and FCoE Administration

  • Overview of FC and FCoE LUN creation
  • Understanding FCoE
  • Configuring FCoE

Module 6: SAN Availability and Data Protection

  • Achieving High Availability and Host Multipathing
  • Options for LUN and volume configuration
  • Data protection strategies in SAN environments
  • Fast failover techniques

Module 7: Management of ONTAP SAN Environments

  • Managing LUN mobility
  • Utilizing copy offloading
  • Implementing SAN performance recommendations:
    • Quality of Service (QoS)
    • Balanced placement
    • Performance capacity optimization

Module 8: NVMe-oF for High Performance and Scalable Network Storage

  • Introduction to NVMe
  • NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF)
  • Integration of NVMe into ONTAP
  • Setup and configuration of NVMe

Module 9: SAN Migration with Foreign LUN Import

  • Overview of Foreign LUN import
  • Understanding the import process
  • Requirements for SAN migration
  • Preparation steps
  • Tools and utilities for migration


  • Configuring initial settings: subnet, aggregates, and SVMs
  • Creating LUNs
  • Integrating hosts into the SAN environment
  • Connecting iSCSI LUNs
  • Managing FC and FCoE configurations
  • Reviewing multipathing information
  • Moving LUNs and volumes

ONTAP SAN Administration Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of network fundamentals
• Familiarity with SAN protocols (i.e., iSCSI, Fibre Channel)
• Proficiency in Storage Area Network (SAN) concepts
• Knowledge of NetApp hardware administration
• Experience in onsite storage management
• Familiarity with Clustered Data ONTAP operating system
• Prior experience in network administration or IT operations.

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