Professional Certificate in Agile Business Analysis

Duration: 3 Days (24 Hours)

Professional Certificate in Agile Business Analysis Course Overview:

The Professional Certificate in Agile Business Analysis is an internationally acknowledged credential that verifies a person’s proficiency in harnessing agile approaches for proficient business analysis. It envelops principles and methodologies that enhance business effectiveness and competitive advantage through ongoing enhancements. The certification prioritizes instructing individuals on delineating business requirements, shaping project results, and securing triumphant business outcomes through adaptability. Industrially, it is harnessed to ensure comprehensive comprehension of business requisites, interwoven intricately into project structures, thus enhancing stakeholder communication and aligning projects more closely with business objectives. Its practicality spans various sectors including IT, finance, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Intended Audience:

• Business analysts seeking to improve their agile methodology skills
• Project managers and team leaders working on agile projects
• Professionals aiming for a career in agile project management
• Individuals interested in agile business analysis certification
• Organizations aiming to improve their overall business analysis process

Learning Objectives of Professional Certificate in Agile Business Analysis:

The learning objectives of the Professional Certificate in Agile Business Analysis course include:

  • Enhancing professionals’ comprehension of agile methodology and tools in business analysis.
  • Acquiring a profound understanding of strategies for effective project management in agile contexts.
  • Developing skills in stakeholder management, need prioritization, and creating user stories for product development.
  • Gaining insight into risk mitigation and quality assurance within agile settings.
  • Equipping participants to drive agile transformation within their organizations.
  • Training in the use of suitable tools and techniques for efficient communication, project documentation, and adept problem-solving.
 Module 1: Agile Philosophy (10%, K4)
  • The rationale for adopting an Agile approach
  • The Agile manifesto
  • The three overarching aspects of Agile
  • Business Analysis thinking and how it is relevant in Agile business
  • The 12 core principles
  • Key principle – collaborative working
  • Key principle – self organising teams
  • Key principle – continuous improvement
  • Key principle – iterative development and incremental delivery
  • Key principle – building in change
  • Elements of a method
  • Defined V empirical methods
  • Characteristics of Agile methods
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Agile methods
  • Stakeholder groups
  • Rationale and principles for Agile modelling
  • Hierarchy of models using the Functional Model Map (FMM)
  • MoSCoW prioritisation
  • Goal decomposition and Functional decomposition
  • Benefits of a goal decomposition approach when using Agile
  • Iterations, releases and goals
  • Hierarchy of requirements and how this relates to agile projects
  • User Roles
  • User Stories
  • The solution backlog
  • Managing the backlog
  • Estimation techniques:
  • Planning the iteration
  • Calculating and utilising velocity
  • Techniques to manage the iteration:
  • Agile business analysis
  • The Generalising Specialist
  • Agile adoption

Professional Certificate in Agile Business Analysis Course Prerequisites

• Past experience in business analysis or related domains
• Basic understanding of Agile principles
• Familiarity with software development lifecycle
• Preferably a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, IT, or another relevant field
• Knowledge of business strategy and operations planning
• Proficiency in using Agile tools and techniques

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