R12.x Oracle HRMS System Administration Fundamentals

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

R12.x Oracle HRMS System Administration Fundamentals Course Overview:

The R12.x Oracle HRMS System Administration Fundamentals course is tailored for individuals seeking to comprehend the essential system administration tasks necessary for upkeeping an Oracle Human Resources Management System (HRMS). Encompassing setup, security, and maintenance facets, the course equips participants with skills in utilizing crucial features like the user interface and core HR terminology. It delves into setup activities across modules such as Core HR, Payroll, and Learning Management. Moreover, attendees gain proficiency in configuring and managing security, reviewing reports, and troubleshooting. By course completion, participants should possess the ability to effectively administer and maintain an HRMS system within the Oracle E-Business Suite environment.

Intended Audience:

  • HR System Administrators
  • HR Professionals responsible for system administration tasks
  • IT Professionals supporting HRMS systems
  • System Analysts
  • Database Administrators (DBAs) involved in HRMS administration
  • Individuals tasked with configuring, maintaining, and administering Oracle HRMS systems in the R12.x environment.

Learning Objectives of R12.x Oracle HRMS System Administration Fundamentals:

1. Understand the structure and functionality of the Human Resources (HR) and Payroll modules with specific focus on setup and configuration.
2. Learn how to set up and define HR, Payroll and Time and Labor objects like employees, positions and elements.
3. Become proficient in using Fast Formulas and Flexfields to control payments and deductions.
4. Understand and create reports, transfer files and use query to access data.
5. Understand the security mechanisms that allow access to different modules and specific Data.
6. Develop a process for troubleshooting common HRMS and Payroll issues.
7. Learn the end-to-end functionality of payroll processing from setup to actual payment.
8. Understand the process of managing and running concurrent programs for various HRMS operations.
9. Learn about shared managers and the implications of mass update processing.
10. Understand the various methods for compensating employees and setting up benefits.

 Module 1: Introduction to Security in Oracle HRMS

 Module 2: Introduction to Extending Oracle HRMS

 Module 3: Security in Oracle HRMS

 Module 4: Function Security

 Module 5: Security Profiles – Overview

 Module 6: Restricting Access to People Using Security Profiles

 Module 7: User Profiles

 Module 8: Advanced Security Configuratio

 Module 9: Task Flows

 Module 10: People Management Configurator

 Module 11: Extending Oracle Applications

 Module 12: Flexfields in Oracle HRMS

 Module 13: Lookups and Alerts

R12.x Oracle HRMS System Administration Fundamentals Course Prerequisites:

This Oracle R12.x training course is intended for professionals who wish to learn the concepts and perform the System Administration tasks of Oracle HRMS. To get the most out of this course, students should have the following prerequisites:
• Knowledge and experience with Oracle database structures and schemas
• Knowledge of the operating system and environment used to support Oracle applications
• Familiarity with the use of packaged applications
• Familiarity with internet technologies, such as HTML, JavaScript, Java and XML
• Familiarity with Oracle E-Business Suite Architecture
• Experience with Oracle Applications Release 12.x or later
• Prior experience with Oracle HRMS System Administration is beneficial

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