SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 Administration

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 Administration Course Overview:

The SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 Administration 5-day course introduces participants to SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 Administration, equipping them with the skills necessary to access, manage, and monitor a foundational storage cluster. SUSE Enterprise Storage empowers IT organizations to implement a distributed storage architecture, enabling diverse use cases through commodity hardware platforms.

Intended Audience:

  • System administrators
  • IT professionals responsible for storage management
  • Data center managers
  • Storage administrators
  • Technical consultants
  • Those working with SUSE Enterprise Storage solutions
  • Professionals aiming to deploy and manage software-defined storage
  • Individuals looking to optimize storage infrastructure.

Learning Objectives of SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 Administration:

  • Understand SES 5 components and architecture
  • Install SES 5 Ceph cluster gateways using the DeepSea utility
  • Understand and use RADOS, OSDs, Monitors and Ceph data placement
  • Access and use block, file and object storage using rbd, iSCSI, Ceph Object Gateway, and CephFS
  • Use Erasure Coding
  • Monitor the Ceph cluster with the OpenATTIC Management Console

 Module 1: Introduction to SES 5 and Ceph Architecture

  • Ceph Features
  • Ceph Architecture
  • Core Components
  • Storage Structure
  • Hardware Requirements and Recommendations
  • Operating Ceph Services
  • Determining Cluster State
  • Authentication with Cephx

 Module 2: OpenATTIC Management Console

  • OpenATTIC Deployment and Configuration
  • OpenATTIC Web User Interface
  • Dashboard

 Module 3: Configure and access Block Storage using rbd

  • RADOS Block Device
  • Erasure Coded Pools

 Module 4: Configure and access Object Storage using the Ceph Object Gateway

  • RADOS Gateway Manual Installation
  • RADOS Gateway Configuration

 Module 5: Configure and use File Storage with CephFS

  • Supported CephFS Scenarios and Guidance
  • Ceph Metadata Server
  • CephFS

 Module 6: Configure access to Block Storage using Iscsi

  • iSCSI Block Storage
  • General Information about lrbd
  • Installation and Configuration

 Module 7: Configure access to Object and File Storage via NFS

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Starting or Restarting NFS Ganesha
  • Setting Log Level
  • Verifying the Exported NFS Share
  • Mounting the Exported NFS Share

 Module 8: Monitoring a SES Cluster using OpenATTIC

  • Common Web UI Features
  • Listing OSD Nodes
  • Managing RADOS Block Devices (RBDs)
  • Managing Pools
  • Listing Nodes
  • Managing NFS Ganesha
  • Managing iSCSI Gateways
  • Viewing the Cluster CRUSH Map
  • Managing Object Gateway Users and Bucket

SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 Administration Course Prerequisites:

Before taking this training student should have knowledge of Linux system administration equivalent to SUSE Certified Administrator in Enterprise Linux 12. Familiarity with other storage solutions and distributed file systems would be a plus point but it is not essential.

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