SUSE Sales Specialist – Rancher Prime

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

SUSE Sales Specialist – Rancher Prime Course Overview:

The SUSE Sales Specialist – Rancher Prime certification validates proficiency in promoting SUSE and Rancher’s open-source software solutions tailored for efficient cloud-based asset management. This credential attests to a deep understanding of these software products, enabling adept identification of ideal solutions for prospective clients. Industries spanning sectors leverage this certification to equip their sales teams with the expertise needed to effectively advocate for and sell SUSE Rancher offerings. Vital for operational optimization, enhanced service delivery, and competitiveness in the digital landscape, this certification empowers businesses to excel in the modern economy.

Intended Audience:

  • Sales Professionals specializing in IT and technology solutions
  • Business Development Managers
  • Account Managers
  • Sales Executives
  • Solution Consultants
  • Technical Sales Representatives
  • Sales Engineers
  • Pre-sales Specialists
  • Individuals interested in selling SUSE Rancher Prime products and solutions
  • IT Professionals aiming to enhance their sales skills in container management and orchestration platforms.

Learning Objectives of SUSE Sales Specialist – Rancher Prime:

The learning objectives of the “SUSE Sales Specialist – Rancher Prime” course are designed to provide participants with a deep understanding of Rancher’s product offerings and their integration within the SUSE portfolio. By completing the course, learners should be able to achieve the following key objectives:

  1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of Rancher’s product line, including its features, functionalities, and use cases.
  2. Familiarize oneself with Rancher’s positioning in the market and its competitive landscape, enabling participants to identify its unique selling points.
  3. Develop insights into the specific business challenges that Rancher solutions address, allowing learners to articulate their value to potential clients.
  4. Acquire the skills to identify potential clients who would benefit from Rancher’s solutions and generate demand for these offerings.
  5. Learn how to effectively navigate sales conversations about Rancher solutions, addressing customer inquiries, concerns, and objections.
  6. Understand how Rancher solutions integrate with the broader SUSE portfolio, and how this integration enhances their value proposition.
  7. Develop the ability to confidently promote the benefits of Rancher solutions, highlighting their advantages and aligning them with customer needs.
  8. Acquire techniques for presenting Rancher’s features and functionalities in a compelling manner, showcasing their relevance to customer requirements.
  9. Enhance skills in achieving sales targets by effectively positioning Rancher solutions as valuable tools for customers’ business growth.
  10. Gain proficiency in tailoring sales pitches and value propositions to different customer scenarios and industries.

Upon completion of the course, participants should be well-equipped to engage in meaningful discussions with potential clients, address their concerns, and effectively promote the benefits of Rancher solutions. The course aims to empower learners to contribute to successful sales outcomes by leveraging their in-depth understanding of Rancher’s products and their alignment within the SUSE ecosystem.

Module 01 – Opportunity and Impact

  • Video: Opportunity and Impact – Part 1

Module 02 – Containers and Kubernetes

  • Video: Containers and Kubernetes – Part 2

Module 03 – Rancher Prime

  • Video: Rancher Prime – Part 3

Module 04 – Other Rancher Products

  • Video: Other Rancher Products You can Sell – Part 4

Module 05 – Who to Talk to

  • Video: Who to Talk to – Part 5

Module 06 – Self Review Quiz

  • Self Review Quiz for Modules 01-05

Module 07 – SUSE Sales Specialist – Rancher Prime Exam

  • SUSE Sales Specialist – Rancher Prime Exam

SUSE Sales Specialist – Rancher Prime Course Prerequisites:

  • Prior understanding of software sales strategies.
  • Familiarity with the Rancher platform.
  • Basic knowledge of Kubernetes and Docker technologies.
  • Experience in selling within the IT sector.
  • Awareness of SUSE’s product portfolio.
  • Understanding of network and data center concepts.
  • Knowledge of Linux principles.

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