How to find Powershell commands

There are a couple of ways to find commands in PowerShell, depending on whether you’re looking for something specific or browsing for possibilities

1. Get-Command:

This cmdlet is your go-to tool for discovering available commands. Here’s how to use it:

  • List All Commands:



This will display a list of all cmdlets, functions, and aliases currently available in your session.

  • Find Commands by Name (including wildcards):


Get-Command Get-*

This will search for commands that start with “Get-“. You can use wildcards like “*” to broaden your search.

  • Filter by Type:


Get-Command -CommandType Cmdlet

This will list only cmdlets (not functions or aliases). You can replace “Cmdlet” with “Alias” or “Function” to filter by those types.

2. Online Resources:

3. Tab Completion:

PowerShell offers tab completion to help you discover commands and parameters as you type. Simply start typing a command name and press the Tab key. PowerShell will suggest possible completions based on what you’ve entered so far.

4. Get-Help:

Once you’ve found a potential command, use Get-Help to learn more about it.


Get-Help Get-Process

This will provide detailed information about the Get-Process cmdlet, including its syntax, parameters, and examples.


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